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Who am I?

20 years with you

Hello once again. My name is Melaku Belay and I have been singing for over 20 years. Over this time frame I got almost countless experience points, I was able to perform over 300 times and I was able to put a smile on millions. Now you know why I am the best.

My concerts are here for you

I make concerts not to make profit like all the others. My concerts are there to help you smile, help you enjoy and so much more. I am ready to meet all your desires and to boost your emotions. This is my secret, so don’t tell anyone.

I started in a small town in the United States. I was very popular almost instantly thanks to the quality of my voice and the music I was able to share with my fans. Soon I was on all the pages of all magazines in the country. Yes, it was an amazing time. But, I never stop trying to become better and to become something I am not. I am a musician and not something else. I am ready to help you discover new potential.

Today, my music is one of a kind. My concerts are adored by millions. We all have a great time here and we all want to visit and start the next one as soon as I can prepare the songs, new material and all other needs. Thank you for reading a page about me. It was excellent opportunity to meet you and to share a few thoughts with you. I am so happy to invite you to my concerts than you don’t have any idea. Thank you once again.

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‘’The best time in my life, period. I don’t have anything to add nor anything to change. It was perfect.’’

Susan Foster,

‘’I have been listening and following Melaku Belay for over 10 years. He is becoming better and better every single day. It is amazing and spectacular thing.’’

Julia Straus,

‘’Me and my friends were following the artist for a long period of time. He always give us so much and he always help us get the best thrilling in our lifetime.’’

Megan Bergova,

What to expect after?

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You can expect the best time in your life, I guarantee you that. But, you can expect so much more.

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