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The ultimate concert by one and only Melaku Belay

Join the biggest and the most spectacular concert of all times, finally here and ready for you.

Enjoy the music

Now you can enjoy one of a kind music ready to exceed your expectations.


On the concerts you will have as much fun as possible


Follow me on my quests, my new concerts and get all you will ever need.

The ultimate concert just
for one purpose,
for you

My concert is one of a kind and I have been developing all kinds of events to meet your crazy requirements.

Are you prepared? Are you ready?
Want to listen?

I am Melaku Belay and my music will impress you. I was able to find a direct link between human emotions and the music I play. It is one of a kind thing and I don’t believe you will be able to see this again in any form.

My fans come from all parts of the globe. Are you one of them? If you are I want to say thank you. Thank you for listening to my music, thank you for coming here and thank you for investing your precious time in my music. Thank you for everything.

Relax, have fun and learn about emotions

01Best music

My music is the best, period. You will need to listen to it once and understand why I am claiming this.

Would you like to listen to a music that is special in any way imaginable? Of course you do. We all want that and we all have been looking for this advantage for years. Now is the time to start getting your desires in the real world. Now is the time to u understand more, have more fun and simply said, enjoy.

02From me for you

My music isn’t created to become the most popular. My music is made for you.

This is another claim I want to share with you. My music is here to bring your emotions, your feelings and your experiences to the max. I am able to connect to your heat, to your feelings and to evoke them, to release them. What this simply means is that you can enjoy the one of a kind music, period. If you don’t believe me, come to my concert and see why we are the best.

Membership plans
for you

1 month all included

Enjoy all the
music you can for
one month and always
be a respected fan.

3 months unlimited

Now you can enjoy
my music for three months
with one payment. It is
even better choice.

All included

There are no limits,
no limitations of any kind,
Listen to my music all the time
and visit all concerts.


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